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software engineering

  • datadog

    aug 2022

    not started yet!
  • spacex starlink

    sep 2021 - march 2022

  • jpmorgan chase & co

    june - aug 2021

    implemented a user interface for capturing data quality requests using react and flask to automate data quality management across the firm
  • human computer integration lab

    sep 2019 - present

    confidential: i am building an autocad plug-in for a thermodynamics based tool
  • nowpow

    june - aug 2019

    i worked on a team of three to unify backend library dependencies across all api solutions into a single system to effectively decouple code, create versioning for libraries and packages, and publish nuget packages to share through teamcity. i also helped establish a user feedback system for organizations. throughout my time at nowpow, i got to work as a fullstack engineer, actively switching between working on the expansive database system, to working on solutions in the .net framework in c# and azure servers, to coding the frontend in js, jquery, and handlebars. i also wrote wiki documentation for the projects i worked on to assist any future developments on our projects and my team took the opportunity to present our added features in company meetings.
  • nyu hartley lab

    june - aug 2017

    through an initiative at the new york hall of science, i had the opportunity to join dr. ???catherine hartley's lab and her study on exploratory emotion among adolescents. over the summer, i helped recruit and run test subjects, as well as analyze collected data. i learned how to properly follow protocol when conducting scientific research.
  • cornell medical center

    sep - nov 2016

    i had the opportunity to intern under phd candidate bonnie quach at the david christini lab. using a computational model of an ipsc-derived ventricular cardiomyocyte in matlab, i studied the interplay between different potassium currents, to see how prototypical drug blocks like chromanol and e-4031 can cause arrhythmias. at the conclusion of the internship, i had the opportunity to present my research to professors and students in the archbold commons at the cornell medical center.


  • juni learning

    sep 2020 - present

    i lead one-on-one introductory computer science classes in scratch, html, css, javascript, and python with students between ages 8-15
  • media arts & design center

    sep 2019 - present

    student staff in hal makerspace

  • fuse llc

    sep - dec 2019

    i organized on-campus events such as scavenger hunts, trivia nights, karaoke, and more to raise student awareness and engagement. for all of the events, i created promotional posters, outreached to student organizations, organized catering, and coordinated with different uchicago administration offices.
  • new york hall of science

    june 2016 - sep 2018

    over my two years at nysci, i had the chance to speak to thousands of people by teaching visitors about various permanent and traveling exhibits, leading workshops daily and in our annual world maker faire, and assisting in a girl's coding summer camp. in addition, i led certified demonstrations in front of large audiences for cow's eye dissections, liquid nitrogen chemistry experiments, and interactive lessons on air pressure. in my last year, i was promoted to a program explainer which expanded my role to assisting newer explainers in the program with their demonstrations.
    i became a design lab fellow in my second year and began weekly research on the impact of diversity on companies in a phenomena known as the medici effect. i collected and analyzed data on museum visitors to improve our own visitor experience. reading about communities coming together to solve local problems reinforced my desire to close the gender gap in stem. i had the opportunity to present our findings to the nysci board and also attend a preliminary screening for "bombshell", a documentary on hedy lamarr.