daria shifrina

>hey there!

i am daria || 18 y.o || russian || uchicagoan
passionate about:
promoting cs education
with a HUGE emphasis on girls in stem! economically speaking, diversity brings unique experiences and perspectives to the table and allows for a better approach to solving any problem. personally speaking, striving to thrive in a place where you can find no one to relate to impedes learning and can be very discouraging. in either case, everyone deserves to have an opportunity to discover themselves in computer science. i've taken many opportunities to extend my cs skills to younger people, from leading computer hardware workshops with middle schoolers and hs underclassmen, to teaching app design at the girls in tech camp at the new york hall of science. i was the president of the girls who code club at stuyvesant hs and a mentor of the cyberstuy intiative.
building and developing software
i've been coding for the past three years and have over twenty online projects with available source codes. for me, coding is a creative outlet for technical thoughts. because of the vast amount of resources available online and in school, it's something i can always turn to regardless of my financial status. check out my coding journey so far...

>here are some things i'm experienced in:

python 3+ years || flask
java || processing
c system level programming
mysql, mongodb, rest api interaction, csv reading
html & css || bootstrap
javascript || canvas & d3

data and sorting algorithms
and much more in my resume below...

>top projects

demo | source | site

a virtual planner interface, set up with an account system for students/teachers to coordinate due dates and keep up with assignments. written in python, using sqlite database and canvas data visualization

cuties computer vision

a basic computer vision program that can track objects and apply a sobel edge detection filter on a pre-recorded video or live camera stream. written in processing

graphics engine

a basic graphics engine equipped with simple shape/move/rotate functions as well as light sources and mdl meshes. written in go & python

>find more on git!

the humorous slip

App that generates broken telephone comic strips through user input.written usinpython (flask), api interaction(getty images,yandex translate, textrazor), using sqlite database

tardy terminal

a bash game that challenges players to improve typing skills as they take on the role of a train conductor within the NYC subway system. written in java

nyc food inspection violations

data visualization app exploring the impact of gentrification on changing restaurant quality. written using python (flask), javascript (d3), csv data

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